About Us

Spa Broker is, and always has been, proud to carry Watkins hot tubs which offer so many choices for every taste and need.

The entire team at Spa Broker is dedicated to providing you with the best possible products as well as the finest service anywhere in the northern California region of which we serve. Whether you’re a Chico local in search of a hot tub or a resident in the greater Butte County region we’ve got you covered!

Buying a spa is a decision you shouldn’t feel rushed or pressured into, so be sure to ask us a lot of questions. Like shopping for anything else, knowledge is everything. Before you take the plunge into buying a spa, make an appointment for a private “test soak” so you can feel the jets and the overall comfort of the spa.

Spa Broker was founded in 1979

January 1, 1979

The Spa Broker was founded in 1979 by Ann and Steve Bokulich. Steve was building his own spas back then, both built-ins and portables, and staying very busy with the demand for hot tubs in the Chico area.

Partnered with Watkins Manufacturing

January 1, 1981

Spa Broker starts carrying hot tubs manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing. Thus began the wonderful relationship between Spa Broker and Hot Spring Spas that has endured these many years. Now we’re Chico’s premier outlet for spas and hot tubs from Hot Spring Spas, Limelight Hot Tubs, and Hot Spot Hot Tubs.

Helen and Bill Bradley

March 1, 1987

In 1987 Ann and Steve took on some old friends as partners, Helen and Bill Bradley.

David Bradley

March 1, 1988

David Bradley joined the Spa Broker Team.

David and Bonnie Bradley

June 1, 2006

After many enjoyable years and thousands of hot tubs sold in the Chico and Butte County areas, the two couples decided it was time to retire and the business was taken over by David and his wife Bonnie in 2006.

  • We’ve delivered over 7,000 spas since 1979 and have never failed to deliver quality.
  • Spa Broker was featured in Aqua Magazine, in 1988. Some companies haven’t even been around that long!
  • Hot Spring Spas offer the most straight-forward warranty in the industry.
  • Hot Spring Spas have the lowest operating costs of any spa built!
  • The Spa Broker has a spa to fit every need and every budget. We offer 100% financing O.A.C.
  • We are an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Much of our business comes from referrals; our customers love us!